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Conservation challenges, solutions & collaboration opportunities in uncontrolled environments


Conference held at

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

5 Argyle Street

TAS 7000, Australia


8–11 March  2012 


Proceedings from the IPHC Hobart Conference workshops

Director, Australian Antarctic Division, Dr Tony Fleming. ‘Polar Science, the Past, the Present and the Future’

President of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Dr Garth Carnaby MNZM, D.Sc, FRSNZ. ‘Science and the Conservation of Antarctic Heritage’

‘Challenges and Solutions in Uncontrolled Environments: Managing Cultural Heritage at Svalbard’ Anne-Catherine Flyen, Norwegian Research Institute for Cultural Heritage (NIKU), Norway and Johan Mattsson, Mycoteam AS, Norway

‘Fildes Peninsula – A Place of Threatened Historic Sites’ Cornelia Lüdecke, Chair, SCAR History Expert Group, and Christina Braun, Institute for Ecology, Jena, Germany  
‘The Whaling Stations of South Georgia’ Michael Morrison, Purcell Miller Tritton, UK

‘Conservation Challenges and Solutions at Ross Island Historic Huts’ Al Fastier, Antarctic Heritage Trust, New Zealand

‘Excavation, Conservation and Interpretation at Mawson’s Huts, Australian Antarctic Territory’ Michelle A. Berry, Materials Conservator, Australia, Dr Ian Godfrey, M. Absolon, Peter Maxwell and Toni Ross

‘Human Activities as a Protection and Management Challenges for 19th Century Sealing Sites on King George Island, Antarctica’ Dr Michael Pearson,  Heritage Management Consultants, Australia and Ruben Stehberg, Museo Nacional De Historia Natural, Chile

‘Developing Fine Grain Policy to Link Management Plans and Works Programs: Mawson’s Huts Historic Site’ Geoff Ashley, Godden Mackay Logan, Heritage Consultants, Australia

‘Monitoring at Mawson’s Huts 1998-2010: What Have We Learnt?’ Dr Ian Godfrey, Shipwreck Galleries, Australia, M. Berry and V. Daniel

‘How Can Fungal Decay Save Historical Buildings’ Johan Mattsson, Mycoteam AS, Norway and Anne-Catherine Flyen, Norwegian Research Institute for Cultural Heritage (NIKU), Norway

‘Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project: Action and Research’ Lizzie Meek, Antarctic Heritage Trust, New Zealand and John Greenwood, University of Canberra, Australia

‘Collaboration: The Best Journey In The World’ Adam Wild, archifact Ltd, New Zealand, Roberta Farrell, University of Waikato, Russell Gibb and Daniel McCurdy, Geometria, New Zealand

‘Modern Science and Historical Data – Ships Journals and Diaries’ Dr Ursula Rack, Gateway Antarctica, and Adrian McDonald, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

‘Archaeology & Conservation: 19th-Century Sealers’ Material Culture In Antarctica’ Andres Zarankin, Laboratory of Antarctic Estudos and Human Sciences,  Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil and Maria Ximena Senatore, Multi-disciplinary Institute of History and Human Sciences, University of  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Scott Base Antarctic Heritage Trust Conservators Winter 2012.  Lead Conservator Susanne Grieve, Conservator Georgina Whiteley, Conservator Gretel Evans and Conservator Stefan Strittmatter.

'Abstracts from Presentations'

'Hobart Workshop Notes'

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